Saturday, 13 October 2012

grad project sketches

So here's the deal: I'm working on a game design pitch for my grad project. The game is about an  orphan kid who lives in a future dystopian Earth where the rich rule and the poor get forgotten. One day while he is scavenging the junkyards, he is visited by a mysterious robot. The robot leads the boy to it's broken ship. The boy helps the robot fix the ship with junkyard pieces. They leave Earth and explore the universe.

I want customization to be a very big part of the game. So I figured I better just start exploring crazy ideas. In this process sheet, I am exploring what shapes work together. Over the course of the game, I want the main ship to change and morph. The player can unlock new pieces that can be retro-fitted on to the base ship. Not all the elements have to be human looking. I was thinking that along the journey, you would find alien tech that you could use and attach to your ship. You could even change the way you move. For example, you could customize your ship so that it can have tank tracks, mech legs, boosters so that you can fly or even propellers so that you can swim underwater.

Oh man, I'm having so much fun just coming up with ideas. I'll most more process soon :D

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  1. All the best Sunny..Hope you get marvelous success in your new project..!!